The Bloodhound Cocktail

One more article about summer cocktail with berries I failed to post at the right time because of two-month abnormally heavy heat in Moscow.

The Bloodhound Cocktail isn’t modern recipe. I saw it on Noilly Prat promo website and later found it in two books I have available.

The first book was Frank Meier’s «The Artistry Of Mixing Drinks» (1936). The second one was Mardee Haidin Regan’s «The Bartender’s Best Friend» (2003). And I found another third version at the CocktailDB. All these recipes differ from each other so it was interesting to me to find my own perfect variant.

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MxMo September: Lime – Gimlet

The topic for September’s MixMo is very cheerful – lime. Thanks Doug who chose this theme and hosted current event at his The Pegu Blog.

Recently I took my time to read carefully Sonja Kassebaum’s article about homemade lime cordial. I wanted to make a couple glasses of  Gimlets and to compare how cordial and fresh lime juice work there.

So then I knew the theme for new MixMo, my Gimlets were ready to be tasted. What a coincidence!

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MxMo XLX: Brown, Bitter and Stirred – Rendevous

Mixology Monday is in action again, and that’s great!

Thanks to Lindsey Johnson, next MixMo event is hosted at her Brown Bitter and Stirred blog. And the theme for the event is the same – Brown, Bitter and Stirred!

I like bitter cocktails very much so that’s nice to make something like Rob Roy or Manhattan. But later I changed my mind and decided to be more orthodoxal. No bourbon, no rum and no scotch. Only dry London gin – bitter and strong. And as regards requested brown colour, Italian amari can tint my gin.

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Gin Basil Smash

We have an abnormal hot weather here in Moscow. No rains, dust, burning hot stone. Absolutely no intention to do anything. Cocktails I drink now are extremely simple.

But there was one exception when I have been told to use some basil we gathered at our garden. Gin Basil Smash, a cocktail I saw at  Gin, Not Vodka was so interesting, and I’ve summoned all my strength to do it.

By the way, Daniel Nadasi in his article about Gin Basil Smash mentioned that Jay Oh Gosh! Earlier wrote about it too. And Jay mentioned that Gin Basil Smash has been invented at Le Lion Bar in Hamburg, the place which Daniel Nadasi visited before writing that article (and the place that article was about).

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Leap Frog Highball

This post is inspired by the discussion about limited possibilities to buy original ginger ale in Russia and Ukraine.

I just walked to supermarket positioned itself as an elite food and drinks shop and bought there a bottle of Schweppes Canada Dry Ginger Ale, the only original ginger ale brand I ever see in Moscow.

I wanted to make a simple long drink with ginger ale, and Moscow Mule was the first recipe came into my mind. But later I read some articles and I didn’t like that I found out about this drink. Then I just browsed CocktailDB and found a simple and nice cocktail similar to Tom Collins. It’s called Leap Frog Highball.

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MxMo XLVIII: Pain in the Ass – The Bunny Hug

This is my debut in MixMo events, and I’m happy to know that this one is the fourth anniversary Mixology Monday event.

The theme is not pleasant as I would like it to be but I instantly thought of one drink which make me very disappointed. It’s called The Bunny Hug, and I’ve knew about it in Slakethirst blog.

Funny coincidence: I was inspired by the Slakethirst post which was for the very first Mixology Monday event dedicated to pastis.

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Green Tea Gimlets

I missed Mixology Monday XLV dedicated to drinks with tea. But I’m not sorry. I have read all posts and now I can say that was great for me as a puppy in mixology.

The most interesting for me was the Green tea gimlet on Drink Of The Week, mainly because of green tea syrup used there.

I’m very interesting in old-school drinks with gin and vodka, and gimlet itself promised a wonderful experience. Besides that I like green tea too so green tea gimlet was perfect recipe for me.

First of all, I’ve made green tea syrup. The difference between my syrup and original one from Drink Of The Week recipe is in green tea only. Tea-bag has been used in the original recipe but I prefer natural Chinese green tea without any flavourings so I think that oolong with its strong and rich flavour is the better choice.

So my homemade green tea syrup is ready, and I prepared to make green tea gimlet using Drink Of The Week recipe.

1 1/2 oz. vodka
3/4 oz. fresh lemon juice
1 oz. green tea syrup

Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake vigorously for 20 seconds. Strain into cocktail glass and garnish with lemon wheel.

This cocktail was pretty good, sweet and refreshing. But I felt that I hadn’t have enough tea distinctive features in its flavour as well as common brightness and energy.

Then I decided to decrease the amount of lemon juice (a little bit), to increase the amount of vodka (a little bit too) and to use stronger vodka – Danzka 50% ABV.

My Green tea vodka gimlet

  • 50 ml 50% ABV vodka,
  • 20 ml fresh lemon juice,
  • 30 ml homemade green tea syrup

shaken with ice, strained and served in the rock glass filled with ice.

Green tea gimlets, with vodka and lemon

The main achievement was in the rich green tea aftertaste appeared in this drink. Lemon moved to background to balance syrup’s sweetness well. In addition, lemon helped to combine properly sweet and sour flavour with vodka’s power and depth.

Also lemon zest set off tea’s tart and dry aftertastes and removed bitterness at the same time. In whole, my green tea vodka gimlet has more freshness and power but preserves incredibly soft and comfortable taste inherited from the original drink.

The next cocktail I planned to make was green tea gimlet – a natural gimlet with gin and lime juice sweetened with green tea syrup.

My Green tea gimlet

  • 50 ml gin,
  • 20 ml fresh lime juice,
  • 30 ml homemade green tea syrup

shaken with ice, strained and served in the rock glass filled with ice.

Green tea gimlets, with gin and lime

At first for this drink I took harsh, straight and rough Gordon’s gin. I always use this gin in my long drinks where it successfully competes with tonic or lemon juice. But here in my green tea gimlet Gordon’s gin was very poor because it brought strange soapy aftertaste.

Then I tried mild and light Seagram’s gin, and this one worked very well. With Seagram’s gin my gimlet became soft but not weak. Lime and gin added necessary sourness, and in aftertaste outstanding oolong had been backed with gin botanical flavour.

Made with gin, this green tea gimlet became a bit piquant and sharp and preserved the charming notes of fresh Chinese green tea.

Flora’s Own

Some cocktails have been created to be stylish.

Genius take classic ingredients, mix it in good proportions and… A little magic, and now we have Dry Martini, Manhattan, Margarita and a lot of other good cocktails men like to drink.

But what women want? Ha-ha-ha, not love. I mean what do they want to drink? For them Manhattan is too dry, Martini is too strong…

Maybe Cosmopolitan, a perfect drink for girls?

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