The Dreamy Dorini Smokin’ Martini

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As you know, Martini Cocktail is very popular one and has lots and lots of varieties which often have nothing in common with classic Martini.

As a conservative person, I love traditional approach and always make old good Dry Martini including Vodka Martini, one of my favourite nightcaps.

Smoky Martini is the creation of dazzling «Libation Goddes» Audrey Saunders. The recipe looks very nice, audacious and austere at the same time. It was luring me, and once I’ve gave in to it.

When reading «Thinking Bartender Barbook» by George Sinclair, I’ve saw there this recipe with gorgeous title «The Dreamy Dorini Smokin’ Martini» and decided to make t immediately.

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Bowmore Legend Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Bowmore Distillery is one of few distilleries located at the isle of Islay, a region famous for heavy peated and smoky whiskies produced there.

Internet sources tell that Bowmore whiskies aren’t heaviest ones but well-balanced in taste and aroma. Peat is definitely there but smokiness is less featured.

I’m interesting in Islay whiskies very much, so one day I was very happy to buy a bottle of Bowmore Legend Single Malt Scotch Whisky. It was very cheap, and at first I was concerned about its quality. But all my fears gone when I opened the bottle and smelt aroma.

Bowmore Legend is defined as NAS (No Age Stated) but some sources insist that it’s aged for eight years.

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D’Artagnan’s Wish

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As I wrote earlier, I love to spend my time lurking on cocktail blogs and sipping a nice drink. One day I was reading Kaiser Penguin blog, one of my favourite blogs, thanks and respect to Rick , the author (Sorry if I’m wrong…).

There is a nice recipe called “D’Artagnan’s Wish”.

I’ve red it carefully and said – “Wow! I have all ingredients for it, and it looks very-very-very interesting. I should make it immediately!” Then I went and made it.

After first sip my reaction was “Oh dear Lord! Man, bookmark this page quickly! No, no, don’t bookmark, just save it as PDF!!!”

It was a great experience, a moment of pleasure. And I later I felt that I have to write about it.

The essence of this cocktail is a combination of very different flavours of Demerara rum and heavy peated and smoked Islay single malt whisky. They look like different but their combination set me thinking about their similarity.

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